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Be Well. Ride Strong.

Working out doesn’t have to be “work”. What it should be is challenging, inspiring and, put simply, fun. At Torq Cycle, our riders achieve all the above – an incredibly fun ride that challenges and an experience that brings inspiration to do push yourself a little harder and to love your body a little more. We encourage and underscore the importance of paying attention to you – your abilities, your goals and your achievements and focus our class format around power and energy as our foundation.

Cycling can be one of the most effective workouts you’ll ever do. Its high-intensity, low-impact efforts bring about an improved cardiovascular health and physical endurance. Our classes offer you a total body workout and our bikes show an accurate display of your power and RPM output – visible on your bike, the studio’s Power Board & in your inbox via our post-class Torq Cycle Stats email.

The music is turned up while we turn down the lights to set the stage for a focused and successful ride. We cycle together while individually pushing ourselves to reach our personal best. What you'll gain in physical endurance will mirror your newly found mental strength to push yourself just a little bit harder to create more force for a powerful & satisfying ride.

Join us for a ride at Torq Cycle and find your personal best.

What's happening @torqcycleatl

Time for lunch 🍴unashamed that I'm using this takeover as an excuse to debut my (wildest) dreams of being a food blogger. If you zoom in real close you can see me in the spoon 😂 Check out the insta story on my page @izzilynn for the full details and directions of this coconut and cashew curried butternut squash coup! Digging in on this while I do some reading for class... the ☀️ weather is giving me all kinds of big ideas for happy hour adventures tonight. More later and bon appetit! #teachertakeover #torqcycleatl #feedfeed

👋🏼 ATL! My name is Izzi and I'm taking over Torq's insta today to show you how I spend my time outside the studio. When I'm not tapping it back I'm cooking, grabbing drinks with friends or considering my impending graduation from Emory 😱 I've got a fun Tuesday planned, and I'm excited to share it with you! Check back here, ⬆️ in stories, and on my personal handle @izzilynn for more #teachertakeover #torqcycleatl

Before you dance the Irish jig and throw back a few Guinness, stop by tonight for a sweat sesh with Maddie & then hydrate!!! Your post-celebratory self will thank you! Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀🚲🍀 #torqcycleatl #spin #luckoftheirish #mygoodnessmyguiness

Okay folks, this is my (@sophwo) last post as a part of #TeacherTakeover. I'm teaching tomorrow morning so that means I'm finalizing my playlist tonight. If I'm lucky like I am tonight, the little nugget in the 3rd frame will come keep me company as I dive down wormholes of music by creating stations of songs and then creating stations from those stations, etc. I organize my music by RPM and by effort so I can go back and look for just what I need when finalizing my classes. It's a fun challenge, as an instructor, to keep things fresh. A lot of my friends have created playlists specifically for requests for my class- I love it! You can follow me on Spotify: Sophwo. Find a song you liked from my class, use the higher RPM playlists to hit a new mile time or just jam out on a flight like I'll be doing tomorrow. Thanks for hanging out with me today, team. And I'll see you on the bike! #torqcycleatl #teamtorq #TeacherTakeover

@sophwo again, posting from procrastination station. Prepping to go out of town is the perfect excuse to skip the grocery store and get take-out instead. I've got a lot of packing to do, but for now I'll bundle up in the porch, enjoy my sushi, ATL skyline and my "never-taking-them-down" Christmas lights. @sophwo #TeacherTakeover #teamtorq #torqcycleatl

@sophwo here again! Lunch today at @thecabbagepie in Cabbage Town! I love exploring fun places around ATL with my team AND exploring new beers- especially local ones. One of my favorites is this one, @threetaverns Night on Ponce. My love for IPAs runs deep. And I'll ride it off tomorrow, anyway, right? #TeacherTakeover #teamtorq #torqcycleatl

Hey team! First #TeacherTakeover starts now! When I'm not on the bike, I live in the advertising world. I work at an agency called @fitzco and work to create content and build brands. This morning I'm in my client's house pitching some location suggestions for our big shoot next week in Miami. 3 guesses who my client is 😂 Follow along today to learn a little more about me, @sophwo. 🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️#teachertakeover #teamtorq #torqcycleatl

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